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Why choose Truleague ?


Universities spend a lot of money on advertising during the admissions and recruitment process, but can never be certain that they're getting in touch with qualified applicants.


TruLeague offers universities a way to reach prospective students and have them accept their admission offer by using our platform.


Using Truleague for your university is not only about reaching qualified prospective students but also about making recruiting easy!

When you're looking for university advice, why not talk to someone who has done it all themselves? TruLeague Ambassadors have been there, done that. Get a one-on-one with an ambassador to see if the University is a right choice


How Truleague Helps you ?

Potential Students needs Guidance
1000 +
Increase In Admissions
2 %

Why higher-ed prefer Truleagues ?

Join a community of students and alumni to share, ask questions, and get advice from people who are living the experience.

At TruLeague, we’re on a mission to empower higher education institutions to share their authentic voice and propel students forward in their journey. We do this by providing the tools and resources they need to tell their story and connect with students in a way that is engaging, personal, and relevant.

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