Spring 2024: Activities That Turn “Admitted” Prospects Into “Incoming” Students

Spring 2024: Activities That Turn “Admitted” Prospects Into “Incoming” Students

The Regular Decision deadline has passed, the applicant pool is mostly settled, and letters of college admission will start rolling into inboxes shortly. But, what happens next? With the final date to accept offer letters being May 1 for many, higher education institutions find themselves competing for students.

In Spring 2024, it is time to create fun opportunities and exciting activities that are bound to sway your admitted students’ hesitant “Maybe” into an enthusiastic “Yes!”. Here’s where you can start:

  1. Spring Welcome Week:

Everyone loves a warm welcome! You can designate a week packed with engaging activities that introduce admitted students to your campus culture. Events like scavenger hunts led by student ambassadors, interactive booths showcasing academic departments/clubs, and socials can help jumpstart connections.

  1. Professor Spotlight:

Showcase the brilliance of your faculty! Organize panels where admitted students can interact with professors, shadow a class, or attend a quick virtual coffee chat with their faculty of choice. This approach excites students and helps them envision their academic journey, ask burning questions, and learn about opportunities in an informal setting.

  1. Hands-On Labs & Workshops:

Instead of giving lectures, give interactive experiences! Host open lab sessions where admitted students can work on research projects, conduct experiments, or apply their creativity to solve challenging design problems in their fields of study. Allow them to feel the excitement of hands-on learning at your campus well before move-in day!

  1. “Hidden Gems”:

Every campus has a unique charm far beyond their academic buildings. Organize walking tours led by student ambassadors, highlight hidden cafes, cozy bookstores, and local hotspots. This will help admitted students paint a picture of the vibrant community beyond the classroom. 


  1. Social Media:

Create a curated social media campaign targeting admitted students. Share photos of campus life, host live Q&A sessions with current students and faculty, and encourage admitted students to connect with each other (and student ambassadors!) online. This is one of the easiest steps in creating a sense of comfort and community far from the physical premises of your institution’s campus.

  1. The Power of “You Belong Here”:

Showcase the unique stories and diverse experiences of your current students through testimonials, videos, and social media posts. Show how your institution empowers individuals and welcomes all. Admitted students will quickly see themselves thriving on your campus!

Admitted students are choosing a future, not just a college. 

By creating an engaging experience that shows your academic excellence, vibrant community, and commitment to their success, you’ll be on your way to transforming those “Maybes” into a resounding “Yes!” So, admissions officers, get ready to welcome the next generation of your institution’s legacy!

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